9/11 Poetry Helped Inspire Absurd Thoughts About God To Show False Justice of Sharia Law...

we will NEVER forget
you 9/11 victims
will get justice

past mistake -
accepting terrorism
like hurricanes

hijackers on board -
passengers MUST STOP them
preferably kill

when Bush heard the news
he should have said: Children, I
must go, duty calls...

remember to stay in school
and always love your country

get Bin Laden -
we just need big SWAT team
and search warrant

peace is best -
but you must hit back
post vicious attack

Muslims bomb Muslims -
try democracy or not
their chance to choose

enemies of God -
terrorists must stop or die
Allah free their souls

severing heads -
shows sick barbaric
primitive culture

hate evil
embrace the feeling
- but what is it?

history's fascists -
those ones Christian were
led NOT by Bible

Muslim ones claim God's will
words of Koran justify

six years ago some friends lost
way too many friends

painful truth -
9/11 should be our
wake-up call

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
there is NO good or evil

every thing's relative
don't judge a terrorist

the armory's walls -
little boy tries to help
by pointing at picture

asks me if I've seen her
then his mom leads him away

we will NOT forget
you 9/11 victims
will get justice

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defiant_infidel said...

The most painful fact for me is the number of people who have gone back to sleep. Their complacence relegates us to endure more coming tragedy. How rudely disrespectful of those we lost. Their lives should carry full value and not be lost in the selfishness of the "all about me" crowd.

Thank you for this excellent post and always remembering, USpace.

Captain USpace said...

DI - Thanks for stopping by and leaving this nice comment. We will NEVER forget!

I totally agree about people sleeping, it's amazing how people tend to do that. Of course, it would be better if we didn't have to worry about this real threat, like if it didn't exist. But it does exist, it's like a huge scary movie plot, except it's very real.

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
be very afraid...

of saying the wrong things
TRUTH is especially BAD

falcon_01 said...

So true...

Captain USpace said...

Falcon - Oh yes, but of course sheepdogs must bark when they see danger. At all costs.

Thanks for linking to that great article, an excellent inspiration for your blog. I linked to it in this post as "Flight 93 of Sheepdogs".

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
never discuss religions

all are very peaceful
none inspire terrorism

Flanders Fields said...

Uspace, Our media carries us along from "important" topic to another. People do not stop long enough to think which of those are of true importance.

It is so much easier to let others decide that for us. We have now all become unimportant as individuals and worthless as a society because we accept it.

We will remember.

Anonymous said...

Do you mind if I link to you?

Captain USpace said...

Berty - Thank you very much, you don't need to ask, but I'm honored anyway. Your site looks cool too, I will link back.

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
Western culture must die

when the world is enslaved
then the world will be at peace

Captain USpace said...

Flanders - Thanks, yes we will remember. And we are not out yet, we will beat these totalitarians in the end. Just like a happy ending in a movie.

More people must become Sheepdogs of some sort to make the sheep people aware of the wolves, and to slaughter the wolves. Check out 'Flight 93 of Sheepdogs' in this post's links. It's the inspiration for Falcon's Sheepdog's Blog.

absurd thought -
God of the Universe tells
media to ignore news

cover some fluff save money
tell people what's important

WomanHonorThyself said...

thank u kindly for the comment and visit to WHT!..plz dont be a stranger and keep up the great fight!!:)

Captain USpace said...

Thank you for stopping by Angel, you are more than welcome; keep up the good work!


Reytos said...

Thank you for the comment on Blogsters Guild. I got chills reading what you experienced first hand. I commend you on your strength. My respect is with you and all that witnessed this event.

Reytos@Blogsters Guild

Always On Watch said...

Thank you for the comment you recently left at my blog.

The personal stories continue to remind us of the critical importance of 9/11.

I will never forget. I can't. Living here in the D.C. area, I remember that day with crystal clarity and the several weeks afterwards with no commercial airline traffic but with fighter jets roaring overhead day and night. I remember the anthrax attacks. I remember the changes in security we've all had to endure as the direct result of a bunch of jihadomaniacs' actions.

My life changed -- and not for the better. I was hoping to live out my later years in peace of mind. I can't now. I do know now what I didn't know then -- and it's hideously ugly.

And, yes, I am angry, with a righteous anger.

Captain USpace said...

Reytos - Thank you for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment. Your blog is cool, it's linked.

AOW - Thank you for visiting this post and sharing some of your 9/11 experience; it's important that we are angry. These terrorist monkeys must be eliminated.


Captain USpace said...

Now, for my flashback: I was getting ready to get ready for work; Howard was on the radio, the TV's sound was muted.

I finally looked up and saw the tower with smoke pouring out of it and said "what the...", and then turned the sound on and just then my sister called and we watched and talked about it for a few minutes until the 2nd plane hit.
We were both "Oh my God..."

For the next week or more my nabes was like a demilitarized zone or something, only official traffic allowed. Lots of firetrucks and buses filled with fireman and rescue workers streamed through the neighborhood on their way down to Ground Zero.

Thankfully I lost no one, but know many people who did, including a friend at work who had joined us from Cantor Fitzgerald after being there for 10 years. He lost over 100 friends and acquaintances, including 3 of his best friends who I had met at a birthday party at a club about 6 months before.

They loved the nickname I had given him, 'Flashman'.

A friend of mine called his wife at home and said "Go and get a few hundred dollars out of an ATM, quick!" She finally had to go way uptown to find one that still had cash in it. But on the way back to their apartment she ran into many upper-class Mommies out on the streets (with their husbands still on their way home from work, hopefully) with their little kids and no way to get cash, and all of them crying and scared, and so little by little she gave away all her money to these scared and crying young Mothers.

So many stories, maybe I'll recount more next year.

We must not let people forget, and we must never refuse to recognize evil.


we will NOT forget
you 9/11 victims
will get justice
painful truth -
9/11 should be our
wakeup call
get Bin Laden -
we just need big SWAT team
and search warrant

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
there is no good or evil

every thing's relative
don't judge a terrorist
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