USpace Publishes 'Hard To Swallow - Absurd Thoughts About God' & FREE eBook Through Lulu!

absurd thought -

God of the Universe says
reading too much is bad

the TV is much better
just sit back and relax

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
have regular book burnings

double as barbecues
post public executions

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
don't pay attention

ignore absurd thoughts
that are uncomfortable

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
always believe in books

of course if it's in print
then you know it must be true

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
outlaw critical writing

that challenges conventions
political correctness

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
don't write any more books

the world has more than enough
they might cause undue stress

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
DO NOT read this book

NEVER put it in the hands
of a Liberal you love

is a wonderful thing
- burn a book today

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Colonel Robert Neville said...

Dear US Space:

Jeepers! Thanks for the terrific comment. Your bit made my week. How much do I owe you?!

And I apologise for not linking enough to your memorable, unique and outstanding stylings. I find your "absurd thoughts about God", even the title, very catchy, like a trademark even. They are as stripped down Zen limerics, with a sense of contemporary humour.

They're a laugh and profound too, kid.

And thus they lend themselves to a book easily. Some of them remind me of a small book of poetry that Jim Morrison self-published.

Just don't take a bath in Paris!

If I neglected to link, it is due entirely to my embarrassing and pathetic lack of organisation and the avalanche of intriguing distractions we blog nuts all face.

Sock darning, check the letter box at 6am, look out window, search for candy at back of fridge...

That's my cheap excuse, but never fear. I shall link and quote you much more often,as you never cease to have some kind of pertinent verse.

I'll download your naughty e-book and peruse.

Dig, US Space is one of the inspiringthings to be found o the Net. You are often quoted and linked.

All the best from that missing link, Colonel Neville. Viva the Steyner!

pela68 said...

Ahh- congrats dear friend. This might be a double post. I don't know what happened with the first one???

Anyways- Thank YOU very much. Tried to buy a copy, but they would not accept my electron- card, and as I do not have a Pay-Pal account, I have to find another way (lending some ones other's card).

Captain USpace said...

Pela - You are very welcome my friend, but thank you so much. in the meantime you can get the free ebook if you want.


Rastaman said...

Congrats on your book, my friend. I hope it's a hit!

Rasta/Black Sheep

Captain USpace said...

Thank you Rastamon!


Captain USpace said...

Colonel - Thank you very much for the visits and the great plugs, and the link. I'm sorry though, I should have been more clear. What I meant was that I had found my link on your blogroll a while ago and noticed that it didn't work, and that it was because there were 2 https used. I forgot to tell you, and so you probably took it off because it didn't work.


Flanders Fields said...


I am impressed and delighted to see that a creative mind with great observations which are intended to improve this world is getting this exposure. You deserve success, and you have earned my respect. Best wishes to you.

Thank you for the acknowledgement. I'm glad that you have encouragement from so many fine people. It is deserved.

Captain USpace said...

Flanders - Thank you very much for all the kind words and encouragement, they have been truly inspiring, your acknowledgment is most deserving, of course you're very welcome. I hope you enjoy the eBook.