Celebrate Hard To Swallow's 1st Blogiversary With Wishful Pre-Iraq War Poem 'Saddam Be Toast!'...

Saddam Be Toast!

Qusay Qusay blow away
Saddam will soon be like toast
he deserves a public roast.

Saddam makes men
rape other men's wives
he's such garbage
he deserves to die.

I hope he doesn't
die in bed
and we need proof
from teeth in his head.

One son rapes little girls
then feeds them to dogs
he should be crushed
then fed to some hogs.

They are human trash
of the highest order
if one says they should live
then one's way out of order.

He makes terrorists' families rich
you know it's time we take him down
please try to understand this itch
to put him deep in the ground.

Being out of touch
can be real bad
but it's really much
more too sad.

Let Saddam be like toast
his guts like jelly
no more will he boast
with knives in his belly.

What a Happy New Year
it will be
when Saddam and Sons
cease to be!

re 3.18.03

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Captain USpace said...

Thank you! Thank you very much! It was a happy day indeed!

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
STOP blogging today

pela68 said...


Keep on doing the right stuff!

Have a nice one!

Captain USpace said...

Thank you very much Pela, I will do my best. You are an inspiration.


absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
STOP blogging today

you can always start again
after taking a break

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
outlaw most blogging

register all writers
make them pay huge fees

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