French Socialist Hotty Segolene Royal vs France's Best Hope Nicolas Sarkozy in Presidential Run-Off

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
push for a three day work week

people shouldn't have to work
you should be paid to stay home

absurd thought -
God of the Universe thinks
earning your money is BAD

all prices should be kept low
no one should go without things

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
promise people the moon

anything to get the vote
then just let them eat cake

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
always hinder business

prevent them from hiring
but pretend they are your friends

absurd thought -
God of the Universe thinks
high unemployment is good

grow anxious population
push young people towards crime

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
deny people the truth

living large cradle to grave
lavish benefits cost not

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
let immigrants dominate

treat better than citizens
say goodbye to French culture

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La traduction française dans les commentaires...



Captain USpace said...

Oh yes!

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
keep BIG lies alive

communism is the BEST
thievery by the state

Urban Infidel said...

Hi USpace,
I see the banner. It looks cool but it is definitely blocking the login. I guess just login at the comments section if you can. Or at least I think we used to be able to do that. Weird. Well, I won't be clicking on that if it comes up. Where did you find it?


Anonymous said...

Hi IU,
Clicking on it is OK, it just brings you to their site, you don't have to take their code and put it on your website. On a later comment I left you I had figured out how to do everything I need to do, so I will leave the banner, and someday change it if they give us some better banner placement options. I can either login at or at another blogger site, as well as log out those ways or at an inside page as though I was posting or editing.

To 'customize', just go to 'post' and then 'template', 2 extra steps, not that big a deal.

absurd thought -
God of the Universe loves
poorly placed ad banners

Anonymous said...

Thanks UI, and I don't remember where I found it, it's a pretty cool project though.

absurd thought -
God of the Universe loves

Anonymous said...

Hotty Segolene Socialiste Français Royal contre le Meilleur Espoir de France Nicolas Sarkozy dans Présidentiel Run-Off...

la pensée absurde -
Dieu de l'Univers dit
la poussée pour une trois semaine de travail de jour

les gens ne doivent pas avoir à travailler
devrait vous être payé pour rester à la maison

la pensée absurde -
Dieu de l'Univers pense
gagnant votre argent est MAUVAIS

tous prix devraient être gardés
le niveau bas personne doit aller sans les choses

la pensée absurde -
Dieu de l'Univers dit
les gens de promesse la lune

n'importe quoi obtenir le vote
juste les permettent de mange alors du gâteau

la pensée absurde -
Dieu de l'Univers dit
toujours freine des affaires

les empêcher de l'embauche
mais faire semblant ils sont vos amis

la pensée absurde -
Dieu de l'Univers pense
que l'haut chômage est bon

grandir les jeunes soucieux
de poussée de population vers le crime

la pensée absurde -
Dieu de l'Univers dit
nie des gens la vérité

le grand berceau vivant à la tombe
prodigue des avantages ne coûtent pas

la pensée absurde -
Dieu de l'Univers dit
a laissé des immigrants dominent

traiter mieux que citoyens
dire au revoir à la culture Française

Unknown said...

The next time you post something on my blog, please post it in english it'd be A LOT more understandable than what you posted some time ago.
Then I have some remarks to do about what you sya about Mrs Royal. Except the fact that every single idea developped in this text is absurd, french politics don't have anything to do with religious extrimism, totalitarianism or earthly bullshit. I don't know where you're from _ and in fact I don't care _ but if you represent how good the citizens of your country are informed, then you must start to worry a bit.
Nevertheless, if you are in the US (wich you must be according to those pictures of falcons and star spangled banners ...), know that french crime rates are A LOT (really A LOT) lower than yours, that you imprison 2% of your 300m population while we imprison only 0,0016% of our own, that our workers are A LOT more productive than yours (in fact we do more work in 39hours than you do in 48 ...), that you have a lot more poor people than we do (and that your poors are a lot poorer than ours), and that your democracy has turned into fascism since the Patriot Act (remember that a FBI agent can record all your communications if he decides that you're dangerous BY himself).
People like me, who are against Mr Sarkozy, are against him because of good reasons. Mrs Royal won't solve our problems but at least she's not gonna make them a lot worse.
One of these reasons is simply that Mr. Sarkozy is a good friend of the stupid redneck you have elected for president 2 times. The war on Irak was one of the stupidest mistake the US ever did, and you know it ! Every day, american citizens die for this illegal and totally useless war (excepting the fact that now, the US have more oil), that's a shame for a country which prentend to be the vanguard of democracy and freedom in the world. This action made the region a lot more unstable and american dimplomatic relationships all over the world are going to suffer from that for YEARS.
Then something which will please you : Mr Sarkozy was minister of internal affairs and also minister of cults. During his mandate, he allowed radical islamist associations to be part of the representative council of french muslims. Do you think that's a good measure ?
Next point, the immigrants, Sarkozy led a policy that was a total failure and was only there to manipulate the people's mind. Then, we all now in Europe (you know the continent the other side of the atlantic ...) that the only way to control the migrants is to have a common European policy ... of wich sarkozy never talked about.
On the crimes, Sarkozy was minister for the interior so he was in charge of those questions. What are his results after 5 years ? The crime rates are all up. He talked a lot about security and all that stuff, but NOTHING came ! Yes, we see a lot more police officer in rich quarters of our towns, but the numbers are stuborn : under his lead, France has never been so dangerous.
About religion, don't forget that your president is a new-born christian i.e. a christian extremist. Talking about Good and Evil in the world ? Calling foreign leaders pigmeas ? Do you really think that a good way to handle the world's problems? I don't.
To end this, I'd like to say that if one country doens't have any lesson to give to France on democracy it's the US. The US is the worst exemple of what you should'nt do in a democracy. All you politicians are corrupt as hell. You're institution were build long ago by great men and women who believed that the People should actually decide of his destiny. Today, when you vote, you've got the choice between the Democrats and the Republicans i.e. between Coke & Pepsi. Goverments passes, but policies are always the same. The only goal of the so called war on terror engaged by your administration 6 years ago is to scare the american people and force him to accept anything including the most filthy strikes against human rights. I forgot one goal of this war : to enable big companies as Halliburton or Chevron Texaco to make BIG bucks on poor dieing people. So you saved us from Nazis, but don't forget that without us, you're country would still be under british rule !

ponyboy said...

i was going to respond similarly, but i believe that redmed has spoken eloquently enough for me as well.

i will note that the french translation you did with babelfish (or something similar) is absolutely incomprehensible. it's hilarious that you chose to post it in fake french on my blog, which is 85% in english, because i'm clearly an american... so why not post your comment in english?

what's more, the fact that you don't speak french underscores your lack of understanding of the french elections. which means that you're like that kid in class who hasn't done his homework, who raises his hand, and spouts bullshit. i suggest that you avoid stereotypes and acquire some kind of knowledge before inflicting the rest of us with whatever you're attempting to say.

Captain USpace said...

Redmed & Ponyboy,

I'm sorry I posted in crummy French on your blogs, I don't know French obviously, but I wanted to get the message out, I thought I saw a bunch of French on your posts and in the comments. I didn't land on your home page. I tried to translate some of your French in to English, and it didn't come out too well either. Someday I will have to find some translators, thanks for pointing that out.

And yeah of course, everything bad in the world is America's, Bush's or the Jooos' fault. Like Bush is the only leader of a free power that cozies up to dictators. Like American corporations are the only ones that make money off war. Maybe they should just give all their products and services away and then go out of business and put all the innocent and pure working men and women out of work.

Btw, are you members of the angry and hateful left? lol Communism has never worked and never will,
it is a totally flawed concept and theory. A commune can work great, a whole disconnected society can not work under forced communism. It must be forced because the state must 'take' from people. Because it must discourage individualism for the good of the state. Anyone who believes in it is just incredibly deluded, ignorant, and/or corrupt or insane.

Everything I said is an absurd thought. Of course there is no evil in the world right? Raping young girls and women is OK if it's a by people of a certain religion? Beheading and stoning women and gays is OK? That's not evil? Right?

Someday war is needed, the French knew this in the late 18th century, someday they will know this again. A country should not wait to be attacked. It must not wait until the enemy is in their kitchens to fight back.

The socialists are of course against the Patriot Act, like the Protest Warriors say: SOCIALISTS AGAINST THE PATRIOT ACT * Trust us - if we're in charge, you don't want a Patriot Act

Think for yourself man!

Congratulations on the election! I knew the French people would come through. They know BIG and painful changes must be made in order to save France. Segolene would have made things much worse I fear. She's totally gorgeous, but that is not a reason to vote for anybody for president of any country.

I don't have to know French to understand what is going on in France. Neither do all the journalists and economists who I read who know more about it than I do.

I am very optimistic for France.
If Sarkozy is successful, he will be a hero in 10 years, and go down in history.

absurd thought -
God of the Universe thinks
communism is GREAT

excellent way to destroy
countries for generations

absurd thought -
God of the Universe thinks
profit is evil

punish efficient business
steal money for government

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
destroy corporations

put people out of work
make world a better place

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
take those profits

implement central planning
bring back food shortages

absurd thought -
God of the Universe likes
people selfish

wants all equally poor
prefers misery for all