Are Islamist Allies Courting GOP, Norquist and Bush?

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
support terrorists

welcome their shady friends
and campaign contributions

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
don't declare war on war

just fight terrorism
neglect the war on jihad

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
all religions are peaceful

refuse to see real problem
never destroy enemy

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
some be Republicans

be a wolf in sheep's clothing
just infiltrate both parties

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Hat tip: Gates of Vienna



Anonymous said...

All muslims only want peace, some are democrats and some are republicans that's all.

Flanders Fields said...

Uspace, I want to thank you very much for your help on getting my links down. Also, thanks for your fine lead on the article concerning Norquist and his shariaist ties. I think I finally have you linked after so many failed attempts on my own. Thanks once again!

Yankee Doodle said...

I did a post today about this.

There's going to be more to follow, too.

Anonymous said...

Flanders, You are very welcome, I'm glad I could be of assistance. Thank you again for the nice recommendation
and the link.

YD, Cool, thanks for the headsup, it's an important issue I wish was more publicized.