UN Scandals, Child Rapes & Appeasements Continue...

countries do bad things -

but of course America
is always at fault

thugs massacre their own people
U.N. might someday shame them

United Nations -
corrupt club where thug countries
often get their way

barbarians play grownup
always blame America

countries do bad things -
somehow little Israel
is always to blame

monkeys murder their citizens
U.N. finally scolds them...

so-called peacekeepers
rape small African children
some make videos

then reward kids with candy
U.N. just covers it up

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Anonymous said...

The UN is a fine organization that will hopefully run the planet someday.

Urban Infidel said...

The last thing we need is a world government.

Anonymous said...

You should not call killers & rapists and murderous dictators monkees, it's not nice and it is dehumanizing and rascist.

Captain USpace said...

Violence against women and girls, and other innocent children and adults is despicable, in the US or ANYWHERE on Earth. The men who perpetrate this violence are human trash, at best, rabid killer monkeys (it's not a racial thing, it's a behavior thing).

Of course, no race actually looks like monkeys, if you think so then you are a racist. Oh my God! I insulted some raping, killing and suicide bombing terrorists and mass-torturing, genocidal dictators, somebody call the ACLU!

I don't want to hear that violence and especially raping is just part of a killer rapist's culture and so we must respect that culture. Any such culture and/or religion that inspires and/or condones racial, religious, or sexual violence is an inferior culture. A primitive, BS, and ignorant (if not evil) culture, which must be marginalized if not totally exterminated.

absurd thought -
God of the Universe loves
viscious raping monkeys

Anonymous said...

absurd thought -
God of the universe says
I grade on a curve
those with fewest sins go to heaven

Captain USpace said...

absurd thought -
God of the Universe
is a bad teacher

Beanie said...

PEACE. Im starting to put together the hints you throw when you write. Regarding the GOD of the universe, and the Thug nations, but please keep in mind that when these thug nations conquer the whole world(which is their goal) the sun will destroy them... I hope you get what Im saying. Im talking about the same elite group who pass laws to support homosexuality(unatural), the same elite group who provoked the Soviets to war with the Taliban, and sent resourses and ammunition to the Taliban. This war was a pawn in the major chess game to weaken the Soviets economy. I spoke to a man from Pakistan and he said and I quote"Talib means student and noting else, and ban is more than one or to make the word plural, and they were students studying the work of the CIA".

Captain USpace said...

Thanks Beanie, good points, I'm sorry I missed your comment earlier. If the 'Thugs' take over the world someday then there will be even less 'peace' than there is today.